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About the Space Bunny stories

The stories that follow were created as examples of text and web pages for use in screen shots in various computer books. I strive to make my screen shots interesting, and the saga of the Space Bunnies seemed an interesting way to go. Unfortunately, because they were created simply to fill screen space, these stories do not have endings, or even middles, for that matter... but if you want to read the beginning of some stories, here they are!

--Nat Gertler

The Space Bunny who Accidentally Conquered a Galaxy

Once upon a time, a long, long time from now, there were (or will be) three space bunnies: Momma Space Bunny, Papa Space Bunny, and Hubert Horatio Frankandbeans Space Bunny. Papa Space Bunny was big, kindly, and had a nice singing voice. Mama Space Bunny was bigger, just as kind, and knew an awful lot about the O'Sullivan Nebula, where she was born. Hubert Horatio Bunny was a little boy bunny with a lot of energy and a huge imagination.
Mama and Papa Space Bunny used to joke about how big Hubert's imagination was. "That boy's got an imagination twice as big as McGee's Star," Mama would say. Hubert would look out of the porthole of the spaceship where they lived. He's look into the sky at McGee's Star and say "that's not very big at all!" He'd put his paws very close together and say "I can see it, and it's only this big!"
Mama would laugh, that wonderful laugh that she had. "Maybe it's that big now," she'd say, "but I bet if we got close to it, it would suddenly get a lot bigger!"
Papa would settle back in his chair. "Hubert, m'boy!" he'd say, "your imagination is so big that if it ever got loose, it'd eat half the galaxy for lunch and then ask for desert!"
Horatio didn't believe him--but one day, that's exactly what happened.

The Space Bunny who Knew Too Much


Once upon a time there was a space bunny named Hubert Horatio Space Bunny. HHSB had a huge imagination, so huge that he was scared of it. He was always afraid that his imagination was lurking in the hamper, waiting to jump out at him. After all, his imagination had already eaten three of his friends.

But this story is not about him. That's another story. This is the story of the Space Bunny who Knew Too Much, who wasn't the Space Bunny with the big imagination (although he did, of course, know him.)

Chapter One:
In which very little is revealed

The Space Bunny who knew too much was named Ignatius, which may sound like a fine name to you if you think it means "like Ignat", but that would be Ignatious with an o, and Ignatius knew that. This was one of the things about Knowing Too Much which was a problem--knowledge doesn't always make one happy, and it rarely makes one lunch. And lunch was just what Ignatius wanted at this point. But he knew, sadly enough, that it would be a long time to lunch, and that just made him more unhappy.

The Valiant Space Bunnies


The Hideous Things


Somewhere Else

It was a cold day in outer space. The Space Bunnies all had their scarves and mittens on under their space suits, to stay warm, but even that wasn't doing much good. They lit a fire in the fireplace of their spacemobile, and they all gathered around that.

Perhaps if they had been at their stations, they would have seen the attack coming.

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