The Happy Couple

The Engagement

Updated July 24, 2000
Nat Gertler (comic book and computer book writer; collector of Peanuts books) has gotten engaged to Lara Hughes (doctoral student in environmental engineering at CalTech; avid amateur musician).

This engagement has proven to be a rather adventure-filled one so far:

We suspect these will not be the last adventures along the way. Keep coming back to this site for the latest info!

The Cat Dilemma

We are faced with one major dilemma, and (as with most of the world's problems) this involves a cat. Lara has a cat named Putt-Putt, who will be part of our joint household once we are together. We cannot decide whether this will make Putt-Putt my stepcat (much as Lara's children, if she had any, would become my stepchildren when we married) or my cat-in-law (as her mother will be my mother-in-law). We need input! E-mail your vote to!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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