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Comics Pride

(Let's show 'em what we can do!)

To get yourself on the list so that people planning projects can find you, simply print out the form below and fill it in. (Your web browser probably has a button marked print, or one with a picture of a printer, or a File menu with a print command.) Send the complete form to:

Or copy the form into your e-mail editor, fill it out there, and send it to

NOTE: Netscape users (revision 2.0 or higher) can use this easier on-line form instead.

Thank you for your commitment.




State & ZIP: ____________________________________

Phone #: ______________ Fax: ____________________

E-Mail _________________________________________

Other Pertinent Info: ___________________________________________________


What are you good at? What do you like to do? Please be concise and please indicate if they are the same (Ex: Both: persuading people, talking on the phone, talking to strangers. Good at: networking, remembering and connecting people. Like to: bowl, be around kids, write) Creators, please try to think of additional creative talents you have!

What are you bad at? What do you hate to do? (ex: Both: Cooking. Bad at: diplomacy and tact. Hate: insincere people.)

Who do you know outside the industry that can help out? And please don't b.s. Tell me people who you can pull strings with. Remember, the whole idea is to get readers as cheaply as possible. (Ex: Computer game developers, school teachers, book editors, advertisers, feature film producers.)

These questions may seem strange, but how else will I know not to ask a tactless person like me to speak to the press?

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