Abused Amazon Images

by Nat Gertler

All of these images are being sent from the Amazon.com servers, no lie!

For more on how we get Amazon to put these out, see this guide to abusing Amazon images.

Warning: the discount percentages and other feature blurbs depicted on this page are being used in a purely decorative fashion. They don't represent any discount or feature actually being offered.


"Peanuts Bounce"

"Amazon Recycles"

"A Light Discount"

"Dirty Underwear"

"Pyramid Scheme"

"Doin' the Twist"

"Unbreakable soundtrack"


"Get the Plunger!"

"Queen of Confusion"

"Take Off Ten Percent or More"


"Pebbles in the Stream"

"No Solution At All"

"Honey, I ordered some new Christmas balls"


"Obligatory '80s Pop Culture Reference"

"Unnamed Guy with Crew Cut"