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New comics publisher heads to press in 1998; Starts with The Factor

About Comics is the new publishing imprint of Nat Gertler, who has written comics for dozens of publishers big and small. The first series in this line is The Factor, reprinting and continuing a series of short stories which appeared in Negative Burn 29 through 31. Each story looks at the effect that the existence of a costumed hero (The Factor) has on someone in the world around him. There are tales of a news crew trying to cover The Factor's first foray into crime fighting, of a lady whose life The Factor saves who starts having romantic daydreams about him, of a five year old boy playing with a The Factor doll that his mother made, and many more. The stories cover the spectrum from comedy to romance to crime.

All stories are written by Nat Gertler. Each story is illustrated by an artist who is particularly suited to the subject matter. Artists involved in this project include:

Joe Statonartist on just about everything
Adam RexMagic: The Gathering card artist
Alex GrecianCreator of Tex Arcana: A High Calibre Collaboration
Mark LewisArtist on Big Bang
Carla Speed McNeilCreator of Finder
Janine JohnstonPoison Elves cover artist
Matt FeazellCynicalman maestro supreme
Paul WhiteheadSwell guy
Jim Schumaker
& Bradley Walton
Creative team,
Cavewoman: Missing Link
Ted SlampyakCreator, Jazz Age Chronicles
Tom LuthGroo colorist
Steve LieberHawkman artist

The Factor issue zero, reprinting all three Negative Burn tales, is listed in the June 1998 Previews< catalog anbd will be released in early August this year. Issues will follow that on a bimonthly schedule. The Factor is slated to run five to six issues of the series, after which another series will take its place on the schedule.

The Factor is published by About Comics, my own comics publishing and packaging firm. About Comics has other projects in the works.

I will present more information on schedule and specific issues for artists as things become more definite. Anybody needing specific information should feel free to e-mail me at aboutcomics@gertler.com