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BrieI've got a fair bit of family. My father Gene is married to Pocahontas, who has family of her own. The two of them recently sold their voice mail business in the Delaware Valley, and have joined the ranks of the Arizona retired (retirement, in this case, includes founding their own charity to gather clothes for poor American Indian communities). My mother, Susan, is a retired fourth generation computer language programmer and teacher. She's got a keen dome home in Alaska.

My brother Dave spent several years as Delaware's chess champion (occasionally co-champion). His wife, Dr. Sue Kost, is a pediatrician. They have two kids, Aaron and Sarah. Aaron likes Star Wars and dinosaurs. And he really likes Star Wars characters that look like dinosaurs. These are all fine people, but they do not have their own web sites.

My sister Brie has her doctorate in philosophy, and now teaches at William & Mary (both!).

My brother JJ works for the House of Representatives helping Democrats with military matters, handles automotive news for a radio station, and some seasons he enters local NASCAR stock car races. His wife, Judy Bradt, has a post in the Canadian Embassy, and flies when she can.

Mom's wooden igloo