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Free Stories!

Click on the title to read any of the following stories or scripts:
Jenny A short, romantic piece of prose.
Arms and the Man A comic book script for the series "The Factor".
Name The Sketch A humorous comedy sketch, originally written for the comedy troupe The L.A. Riots.
Lexica A very short piece that defies easy explanation, interesting for grammar fans at the very least.
Space Bunny stories Brief beginnings to three stories about Space Bunnies, of course.
Life and Loves of the Average Panther
"Jason's Shakers"
"Sandy and the Sawbuck"
"Like a Rambling Stream"
"A Lesson Learned"
"A Lesson Learned" new format
a one-panel gag
This is a series of minicomic stories that I wrote and mostly drew. They are autobiographical, dealing with my relationships with women. These are all the existing stories, but I hope to create more eventually.