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Nat Gertler's website

Tech notes

This site was created by Nat Gertler, because no one else cares so much. All contents, including original images and backgrounds, are copyright 1996-2004 Nat Gertler.

I've been working on this site since at least 1996 -- in Web terms, forever. As such, I've used a lot of tools over the years, including many which are obsolete (and some which were pretty obsolete when I used them.)

    The HTML was created with:
  • Home Page Wizard (an easy-to-use, quite wimpy editor that Compuserve was giving out)
  • HotDog
  • Netscape Navigator Gold's Composer
  • Internet Assistant (an add-on for Microsoft Word For Windows 6.0, which I used to translate documents I'd created with Word and Amiga WordPerfect)
  • Arachnophilia (my current PC HTML editor -- it's good, and it's free!)
  • Dreamweaver (my Mac-based web design program)
    The graphics were created with:
  • Microsoft Word's WordArt (logos)
  • TrueSpace 2.0 demo (also logos)
  • Paint
  • Amiga Deluxe Paint
  • Collage Complete
  • Conversion Artist
  • GIF Construction Set
    Scanning was done with:
  • My pal Mark Lewis's Mac, scanner, and Adobe photoshop
  • Logitech ScanMan 256 (a handheld B&W scanner -- these are what your grampas used, kids!)
  • Mustek A3 EP, a real scanner of my own, at last!

People using up-to-date versions of the key graphical browsers should see an index to the site running down the left edge. People using browsers that do not support frames will not see this control bar, but the web site is intended to be usable without it.