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Nat Gertler's Writing Resumé


  • Eisner award nominee, category "Talent Deserving Wider Recognition", 1999


  • Big Bang 8, "Mister U.S.: 50 Forgotten Years", art by Mark Lewis. Image
  • Blood Syndicate 18, "Silent Vigil", art by Humberto Ramos. Milestone
  • Burrito 4, "Burrito-ito", art by Nat Gertler. Accent Comics
  • The Daytona 500 Story (co-writer) one-shot, art by Herb Trimpe. Vortex
  • Death & Taxes one-shot, art by Tatsuya Ishida. Parody Press
  • Dread of Night, Hamilton
    • Issue 1, "Upgrade", art by Howard Bender
    • Issue 2, "Monsters 101", art by Batton Lash
  • Eek! The Cat 3, "Invasion of the Martian Space Bunnies from Venus", art by Rusty Haller. Hamilton
  • ElfQuest: New Blood, Warp Graphics
    • Issue 1, "A Troll's Tale", art by Ken Mitchroney
      • Reprinted in the book ElfQuest: New Blood
    • Issue 6, "The Voluntary Chain", art by Paul Bonanno
  • ElfQuest: New Blood Summer Special 1993, "How not to write ElfQuest", art by Brian Buniak. Warp Graphics
  • Everwind 4, "The Creme-Filled Conspiracy", art by Steve Peters. Slave Labor
  • The Factor 1-4, art by various. About Comics
  • Flintstones, Archie Comics
    • Issue 17, "Star-Crossed", art by Carzon
    • Issue 18, "Strip Strike", art by White.
    • Published outside US: "Baby on Board"
    • Published outside US: "Fireman Fred"
    • Published outside US: "Raiders of the Last Rock"
  • Fol 8, "Degeneration", art by Steve Lieber, translated by Faruk Ulay (Turkish)
  • Grave Tales, Hamilton
    • Issue 1, "Wanna-be", art by Batton Lash
    • Issue 2, "Deadly Developments", art by Sparky Moore
  • GrimJack 57, "Munden's Bar: The Visit", art by George Booker. First Comics
  • Headbanger one-shot, art by Thad Rhodes & Mike Bannon. Parody Press
  • Images of Omaha 1, "Believe It Or Don't...", art by Mike Bannon. Kitchen Sink Press
  • Intruder, TSR
    • Issues 7-8, "Mamma's Boy", art by Joe Staton
    • Issue 9, "Crumbs", art by Darick Robertson
  • Jetsons, for international publication
    • "Picnic-Knack"
    • "That's My Boy", art by White
    • "Too Much George;"-
    • "A Very Sick Economy"
  • Legends of NASCAR, Vortex
    • Issue 10, "Talladega"-co-written by JJ Gertler, art by Dan Spiegle
    • Issue 12, (sole writer) "Richard Petty Salutes His Fans", art by Mike Esposito
  • Licensable BearTM 1, art by various About Comics
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers volume 2, Hamilton
    • Issue1, "Unstoppable Force", art by Sparky Moore
    • Issue 3, "Gray Skies", art by Sparky Moore
  • Mightily Murdered Power Ringers one-shot, under pseudonym Nigel Ng, art by Tatsuya Ishida. Parody Press
  • Monkey Business, Parody Press
    • Issue 1, "I'm Alone", art by Joe Paradise
    • Issue 2, "Wonderful Life II: Attack of the Robonator", art by John Stinsman
    • Issue 2, "A Shirty Story", art by Bill Maus
    • Issue 3, "Dramaticula", art by Ed Quimby
  • NASCAR Adventures 3, "Darlington"-co-written by JJ Gertler, art by Michael Barsky. Vortex
  • NASCAR Christmas Special, "Blitzen's on the Frizz", art by Paul Abrams. Vortex
  • Negative Burn 29-31, "The Factor", art by Adam Rex, Janine Johnston, & Alex Grecian. Caliber
    • All stories reprinted in The Factor issue 0. About Comics
  • The Proxy graphic novel; art by Jean-Jacques Dzialowski. Platinum Press
  • Psychokillers 2, "Son of Sam", art by Steve Heyer and Richard Charles. Comics Zone
  • Quantum Creep one-shot, art by Ted Slampyak. Parody Press
  • R.I.P., TSR
    • Issue 3, "Power User", art by Simon Coleby
    • Issue 5, "11 Stories", art by Jeff Newman
    • Issues 7-8, "Junkyard Dogs", art by Kent Burles
  • Silly Surfer one-shot, art by John Hathwaway. Parody Press
  • Speed Racer 21-22, "The Last Lap", art by Mike Ebert. Now Comics
  • 3-D Heavy Metal Monsters 1, "The Endless Thrash", art by Chris Swanberg. 3-D Zone
  • Wild About Comics, "Introduction", art by Rusty Haller. About Comics
  • Yogi Bear 1, "Bear Truth", artist unknown. Archie Comics
  • Young Zen Giant Sized 1, "City of Death", art by Nigel Tully & Kevin Mackenzie. Entity
  • Zen Intergalactic Ninja Video Warrior one-shot, art by Raff Ienco. Entity


  • Script editor, Legends of NASCAR 4 & 7; NASCAR Adventures 5. Vortex
  • English script, Speed Racer Classics Volume 1, chapters 2 through 4, Now Comics
  • Dialogue, Zen Intergalactic Ninja April Fool's Special, Entity Comics


  • Stunt Dawgs, "Freedom of Screech"-animated TV episode. DIC


  • Unreleased Peanuts video game, dialog. Infogrames


  • The Crunge 1996 edition, "Lexica"-grammatical humor story. Bill Vaughn
  • Fear the Fever: Hot Blood 7, "Restin' Piece"-horror story. Pocket Books
  • Mercenary Blues-Zen Intergalactic Ninja novella. Entity
  • Offworld 1, "The Neighborhood"-fantasy short story.
  • Pitt-trading card text. 36 cards ("Battlecards" subset). Adapted from comic book. Intrepid
  • Shock Rock II, "Rockin' On Home"-prose horror story. Pocket Books
  • Tattoo 58, "Flesh Legend"-prose story. Paisano Publications
  • Translation editor of the works of Faruk Ulay:
    • 32 Busts: Lies Written For Thirty-two Photographs limited edition hardcover short story collection.
    • Private Arts, "Counterpoint 1, 2"
    • The Blue Moon Review, "By the Seaside" (http://www.thebluemoon.com/4/ulay.html)


  • Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Graphic Novel (co-author) - a how-to guide. Alpha Books.
  • Complete Idiot's Guide to Making Millions on the Internet (co-author)-a new media business guide. Que Books
  • Complete Idiot's Guide to Microsoft FrontPage (co-author)-a software use guide. Que Books
  • Complete Idiot's Guide to MP3: Music on the Internet (co-author)-a new media use guide. Que Books
  • Complete Idiot's Guide to Paint Shop Pro a software use guide. Que Books
  • Complete Idiot's Guide to PowerPoint 97- a software use guide. Que Books
  • Complete Idiot's Guide to PowerPoint 2000- a software use guide. Que Books
  • Complete Idiot's Guide to Sex on the Net (uncredited co-author) - a web user's guide. Que Books
  • Computers Illustrated- full color guide to computers. Que Books
    • Some material reprinted in A+ Exam Guide
  • Easy Microsoft Network, Easy Works for Windows 95 - software use guides for beginners. Que Books
  • Easy PCs (Fifth and Sixth Editions) - beginner's PC purchase and use guide. Que Books
  • Hogan's Alley 1-current, "The Quarterly Planet"-continuing column. Bullmoose
  • Multimedia Illustrated- full color guide to multimedia. Que Books
  • Netscape Navigator 6-in-1 (co-author)-a software guide and web page design manual. Que Books
    • Some material reprinted in Netscape Communicator 6-in-1
  • Panel One: Comic Book Scripts by Top Writers (editor and introductions) -- a script anthology. About Comics
  • Panel Two: More Comic Book Scripts by Top Writers (editor and introductions) -- a script anthology. About Comics
  • Project Dreamweaver--a software tutorial. Delmar
  • Project Flash--a software tutorial. Delmar
  • Project Flash MX--a software tutorial. Delmar
  • Project Illustrator--a software tutorial. Delmar
  • Project Ilustrator--a software tutorial. Delmar
  • Project Photoshop--a software tutorial. Delmar
  • Project Photoshop 7--a software tutorial. Delmar
  • Project QuarkXPress--a software tutorial. Delmar
  • Using PowerPoint 97 (second edition) - a software use guide. Que Books
  • Articles for Refer-It.com, Comics Buyer's Guide, Wizard, Comic Relief Revue, Breaking In, Comics Career Newsletter, & others


  • e-Badge.com website programming
  • CompuServe's Comics Forum promotional site- http://www.comicsforum.com/ -- design and content
  • Que Microsoft Office Resource Center Content provider, November 1997-April 1998
  • Refer-it.com, guest column
  • Software North consulting site design (no longer in use)


  • Crossword puzzles, Hogan's Alley, issues 4-present